Things That Inspired Me This Week — 9/1/2017

We all need the good stuff to excite us and keep us motivated. Here’s what inspired me this week:

  1. All the badass comments at the Ladies Get Paid event. My favorite? “Don’t be a martyr for a company that literally gives zero fucks about you.” Preach, girl. 👏
  2. My squad of friends. I’m continually impressed by the girls I surround myself with. They are a soft place to land when I’m having a bummer of a week and they push me to keep moving forward. On top of that, I’ve been so lucky to gather friends from all walks of life, and it brings me such joy to connect one friend to another for an additional layer of inspiration.
  3. Great music. Part of the reason this post is up later than I would like is that I went to see The Roots play at McMenamins’ Edgefield. Outdoor summer concerts are hands down my favorite summer activity. If you haven’t heard of The Roots outside of being the house band at The Tonight Show, do yourself a favor and watch some of their performances on YouTube.
  4. Volunteers lining up to help Hurricane Harvey victims in Texas. People are incredible when they come together to fight a common enemy. The amount of humility, empathy, and compassion displayed this week truly is inspiring. It’s also been fun to see all the lifted rigs finally being used in the high

Well, that rounds out my week. So, what has sparked your inspiration? Let me know in the comments!

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