The Job Hunt is Exhausting

Looking for a new job is draining. For those in the market for a change, searching the various listings can be tedious and, at times, a little overwhelming. Then, when you find a job you’re excited about, you just hope and pray the feelings are mutual.

While freelancing this summer, I’ve also been looking for a more steady job. It’s definitely been an interesting few months in which I’ve learned a lot about myself. One of the things I learned is that I really enjoy doing my work around other people in a collaborative way. My goal is to get back into an office where my skills, personality, and expertise complement a creative team.

After a couple interviews didn’t go my way, I was feeling defeated. It can be especially depressing if you think an interview went well, but then the position goes to someone else.

But, I have to remind myself: life goes on. You must keep moving forward.

My friend, Rachel, who I claimed as my life coach almost immediately after meeting her, gave me some pretty great advice on dealing with the depression that comes with fruitless job hunting. She suggested creating easy, attainable goals outside of anything work-related. As always, she was right. I needed something that would refill my confidence and joy reservoir.

Instead of worrying so much about things that are out of my control, I started spending more time on my hobbies, like golfing and writing. It’s the reason I started my 30-day writing challenge. Might as well take advantage of the beautiful weather and extra time on my hands while I have it!

I know things will work out how they should, but I am an impatient person who would very much like to get back to working in my element. In the meantime, I will continue the search and I will continue to fight.

4 thoughts

  1. I am definitely in the same boat. It can get mentally exhausting applying to jobs, I wish you luck on your search!

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