Gettin’ Out of the ‘Burbs (For the Afternoon)

If you want to remedy a week of cabin fever due to dangerous air quality and wildfires raging through the gorge, I suggest heading south to Silver Falls State Park in Silverton, Oregon. My family wanted to get out of the house for one of the last 90 degree days, and instead of going to the coast like we usually do, we decided to go hiking. My family doesn’t generally go hiking, but I’m so glad we did.

We went on a Monday afternoon, which means we were by ourselves for most of the trail. We hiked about four miles and saw two of the 10 waterfalls within the park. As we were walking through the first waterfall, I heard a faint screech.

“Did you guys hear that? Was that a hawk screech…?”

Sure enough, we heard it about five more times and I could not have been more thrilled for another reminder that we were not in the city.

My mom and my brother loved it so much, my brother suggested we find a new hike every week! There was zero cell coverage so the only reason I took out my phone was to take some of these pictures:







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