Spin, Clack, and Shake: Fidget Toy Review

Sitting for long periods of time can be really difficult. It’s definitely not my thing. What do you do when you have to pay attention, but your limbs would rather have a party? Do meetings make you feel like a kenneled puppy? Same, bruh.

Whether it’s tossing a baseball or twirling a pen, for as long as I can remember, I’ve always needed something to play with while I’m working. I’m a diagnosed, highly kinesthetic learner, which means my ability to learn and retain information greatly depends on carrying out physical activities. Basically, I gotta keep moving in order to concentrate.

Getting up to run while someone is talking to you isn’t really the most polite option. Fidgeting is a great way to move a little to help you concentrate, or calm anxieties, until you can get your run on. Here are a handful of my favorite fidget toys, and who better to review them than a devoted, lifelong fidgeter?


Triple-band interlocking ring: These rings were super popular when I was in high school and I believe I bought my first one at Express. What started as an interesting fashion accessory, quickly became an essential piece for me to focus in class and while working on homework. The interlocking rings make it very easy to discretely slide it back and forth on my finger when I need to do something with my hands. In fact, I had quite a few friends who would ask to play with it when they saw me using it. I’ve replaced this ring no less than five times — I love it so much!

Fidget spinner (middle): You can’t write a review of fidget toys and not include the fidget spinner. I was very hesitant to purchase one of these because I associated it with unruly middle school boys who used them to do dumb tricks instead of listening to their teachers (my teacher friends hate them). But when one of my friends surprised me with her own fidget spinner, I couldn’t stop playing with it! No judgment — I now am the proud owner of three fidget spinners. Mostly, I like using them while reading, listening, and/or watching tv. It keeps my hands busy, curbing my need to grab my phone for no reason.

Wacky Tracks, also known as Klixx (top left): I have mixed feelings about this fidget. You can morph it into different shapes while it makes a clicking noise. It’s great for taking a mental break or while mulling over ideas. I liked mine so much, I bought some for the rest of the members of my marketing team. Okay, so here are my mixed feelings: this toy is super annoying when OTHER people use them. The sound, when produced by the person using it, is very satisfying because it’s not unlike the sound a typewriter makes. That being said, we all found the noise to be incredibly irritating when other people were using it. Our relatively quiet office setting amplified the clickety-clacks, so maybe don’t use it in an environment where you have to be quiet. Otherwise, it’s great to use when I’m working at home — by myself 🙂

Tangle (bottom left): This one might be my favorite in this group. It’s sort of the same idea as the Klick Klack, but it doesn’t make a sound. The movement of this fidget is very smooth, making it easy to use with even one hand. It’s fun to, quite literally, get your fingers tangled. The one I have has a grippy texture, but there are other options available.

Boinks (right side): The Boink is like a Chinese finger trap, but the ends are sewn shut and there’s a marble in the middle. I was pretty skeptical of the entertainment value on this one since it seemed so simple, but I then remembered a former colleague who would take her mouse wrist rest (basically a bean bag) and play with the little beads in it when she was stressed. The premise of this fidget is essentially the same — to move the marble around the casing. The casing also contracts and expands like an accordion. Simple, but still great.

Are you a fidgeter? Do you use something that’s not on this list? Let me know so I can add to my collection!

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