To Talk or Not to Talk: Are You an Introvert or Extrovert?

“Hi, you’ve reached…”

Nope. Next.

“Thanks for calling, unfortunately…”

Ugh. Fine. Next.

“Hello, sorry I’m not available right now….”

Oh. My. God. Why is everyone busy? Don’t they know I have a daily spoken word quota I need to meet?

This might not be a shock to those who know me best, but I’ve recently determined I’m an extrovert. A shy one, but extroverted nonetheless. I used to think I was an introvert because after spending a whole day talking to people at work, I would come home and need silence for at least half an hour in order to recharge. And, I also hate small talk.

Although, when I started freelancing from home, I realized how much I craved the daily social interactions. I love talking to people. I love calling my friends while I’m driving (hands-free, of course) to reenact frustrating or funny scenes from the day. I didn’t realize those interactions were the ones really fueling me until they didn’t happen every day. It’s meaningful information to have about yourself! Sleep recharges you at night, but what gets you through the day?

It’s also important to recognize if the person you’re talking to is introverted or extroverted. Building relationships is easier when you can identify the best way to communicate with one another. For example, I would never want to bring unnecessary, and possibly embarrassing, attention to an introvert in front of a group of people. That would be an absolute nightmare for that person! But, in the same situation, an extrovert might love the chance to have the spotlight.

Bottom line: being aware of the differences between introversion and extroversion will allow you to take better care of yourself and others.

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3 thoughts

  1. As a extroverted introvert, being good friends with you, an occasionally introverted extrovert, I very much appreciate this post 🙂
    Sometimes it’s hard for other people to understand that I need a lot of alone time to recharge. The idea of having multiple hangouts a day sounds exhausting to me. Or going out for hours with a group of people.
    I think I have lost some friendships because of this, but I appreciate the ones who have stayed and understand my need for space.
    ❤ ps – best gif ever

  2. I am an introvert with a sprinkle of extrovert qualities. It’s true that we all need to be mindful about this. One person might love the spotlight, while nothing would sound worse to the next! 🤗

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