An Emmy for Your Thoughts?

I do love award shows so this will be a fun stream of consciousness post while I watch the Emmys! This post won’t be for everyone, and that’s okay 🙂

Jimmy and Stephen Emmy


  • Oh good, a musical opening number. Do we think James Corden helped Colbert with this?
  • Chance the Rapper?? Yessss…
  • Alright maybe “Everything is Always Better on TV”
  • Billy Eichner is a national treasure.
  • Millie Bobby Brown Eleven from “Stranger Things”) is a tiny Natalie Portman, complete with a ballerina dress.
    Millie Bobby Brown Emmy
  • Ohhhhh the Bill Maher joke was amazing.
  • Lots and lots of Trump jokes
  • SEAN SPICER. Colbert then thanks “Melissa McCarthy” for her words.😂
    Anna Chlumsky Emmy
  • Michael Kelly looks like the guy from the Sonic commercials.
  • There’s a red carpet on the stage? That’s a fun stage design idea.
  • Four of the six, Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy nominees are from SNL… Oh, yay, Kate!
  • Who is this announcer? I can’t decide if she’s funny. Just kidding, it’s a guy and his name is Jermaine Fowler.
  • Dave Chapelle giving a shoutout to DC public schools while he reads the teleprompter hahaha.
  • Anna Faris is grossly underrated for her comedic abilities and should be in more things.
  • Westworld spoof is pretty genius and I do love me some Tituss Burgess.
  • Elisabeth Moss goes by Lizzie Moss? Do we think Leah Remini will make an appearance? (because… Scientology, guys.)
  • SNL is picking up lots of awards.
  • Rachel Bloom is living her best life! Would love to see her host the Tonys.
    Rachel Bloom Emmy
  • Well, Rory Gilmore hasn’t aged.
  • Dolly Parton with the expected jokes about “support” aka her boobs.
  • Big Little Lies doing quite well too!
  • Yesssss RuPaul as the Emmy. The banter with Colbert is so funny.
  • Okay, I think Jermaine Fowler is a fun addition.
  • Ann Dowd from “The Handmaid’s Tale” doing her best Taylor Swift impression winning an award.
  • Aziz Ansari and Lena Waithe winning best writing for a comedy series is incredible.
  • The Emmy design on the floor is giving off some strong Hunger Games vibes.
  • Seth McFarlane should announce all the nominees from now on.
  • Viola Davis only needs a Grammy and her EGOT will be complete!
  • Very confused for a second when I thought the Lord of the Rings director was going to sing the In Memoriam section. Nope, Christopher Jackson is not Peter Jackson.
  • Craig Robinson and Adam Scott so far have been the best presenters.
  • Again, loving this announcer.
  • I don’t understand the droopy bowties.
  • Hey, Chris Hardwick made it to the Emmys!
  • Give Julia Louis-Dreyfus all the awards. Also, love her dress.
  •  Sterling K. Brown wins at life. He’s the best actor, speaker, dresser, and stander. Just so handsome and well-spoken.
    Sterling K Brown Emmy
  • Elisabeth Moss! You’re amazing. I read an article today about when she was offered the role in The Handmaid’s Tale, she said she would only take it if she was also made a producer. Her reasoning was she had been in this business long enough and she wanted a say in creative. Looks like it sure paid off, Lizzie.
    Elisabeth Moss Emmy
  • Alright, alright…. I’ll finish watching “Big Little Lies”Big Little Lies Emmy

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