Things That Inspired Me This Week — 9/15/17

Without further ado, here are the things that have inspired me (or brought me joy) this week:

  1. Apple’s new iPhone X! I know I am biased, but the new iPhone is awesome looking. My phone is still going strong so I will wait for them to work out all the kinks this one probably has. In the meantime, maybe the new Apple Watch…?
  2. Selena Gomez released two singles this summer, and fans thought it was super weird she did ZERO promotion for them. Well, that’s because Gomez was recovering from a kidney transplant. And it was her best friend who gave her a kidney! That girl wins for the best gift from a friend ever.
  3. This teacher let his student bring her dog to class so she could evacuate sooner after class. According to the article, “Jessica Lewis had one final class before leaving her Georgia college ahead of Hurricane Irma – her only problem was that she needed to take her dog Luna with her. So she emailed her professor to ask if Luna could come too.” The pictures of the dog in class made me melt. Good job, teacher and student! You don’t know what people will say yes to, so just ask!
  4. John Cleese’s AMA on Reddit. He’s a genius and one of my heroes:John Cleese AMA

What’s inspired you this week?


2 thoughts

  1. My friend Arlene Love 🙂
    She sadly passed away at 83 on Monday from a heart attack. But she was my new idol and hero.
    This is a gal who realized she wanted to be an actor, so she left her husband and moved to New York with her daughter.
    At 82, she had just discovered runway modeling and was digging into that too. We had just added a tab onto her website for this new venture.
    She loved the quote “Live life as though everything were rigged in your favor” – Rumi

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