Cleaning My Way Out of Procrastination

After enjoying a leisurely Sunday morning, I saw everyone in my house bustling with their chores and various obligations. It was time for me to be productive, too. As I sat at the table, I thought about all of the things I needed to do, which made me want to do all of them at once and immediately. I couldn’t decide on one thing to do because they’re all important! So, to help me decide on a plan of action, I caught up on a couple tv shows I missed last week. Productivity clearly off to a great start.

Imagine a bunch of Post-It notes with tasks and items to remember covering your entire desk while you are continually playing a game of word association with every person you come across. That’s a pretty good analogy for how my brain works. With so many things to look at and so many different ideas constantly popping in my head, it’s very hard for me to know where to even begin sometimes.

post it notes

I’ve found when my mind becomes so cluttered, the only way I know how to clear it is to clean. No, not clean my mind. I’m talking about cleaning my working space. Can I can see my actual desk again? Great! No clothes on the floor? Perfect! In order for me to think clearly, I need to have a clear space (and preferably nice scented candle).

I spent a couple hours organizing my books, doing laundry, vacuuming, and finally setting up my calendar for the rest of the week. And guess what? I feel so much better because I feel in control. I have realized recently, although I think I’ve always known, that I am a person who absolutely needs a schedule/organization/order or else I become incredibly restless. While cleaning and planning don’t always feel productive, I know I’m setting myself up for a good week with plenty of direction and space on the floor to lie down when my mind needs to aimlessly wander.

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