Things That Inspired Me This Week — 9/8/2017

Without further ado, here are the things that have inspired me this week:

  1. This has been a difficult week for Oregon and Washington. The beautiful Columbia River Gorge is up in flames caused by recklessness while most of us could only helplessly watch it happen. Thankfully, there are brave men and women who have spent the entire week fighting to save as much of our forest. Firefighters are coming from all over the state to help in whatever way they can. Their willingness to literally jump in a fire is amazing and we are all so grateful.
  2. I’ve gotten so many notes of encouragement this week about my 30-day writing challenge! Writing this much is kind of exhausting, especially when I don’t have a planned topic. The encouraging words are so helpful when I feel too tired to open my laptop. Thank you, friends 🙂
  3. My friend, Megan, moved to NYC about two years ago with her husband to follow their acting dreams. While finding acting work is very competitive in New York, it hasn’t stopped her from exploring other creative outlets. She has continued to write various screenplays and musicals, is taking classes at Upright Citizens Brigade, and recently started performing stand-up comedy at open mic nights. Get it, girl. That’s amazing.

What or who has inspired you this week? Let me know in the comments!



One thought

  1. Your writing has inspired me to get back at my own!! These rewrites ain’t gonna happen by themselves.
    Also, any 3 legged dog inspires me.
    ❤ miss you friend

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